Saturday 14 January 2017

Operation: Wedding

We finally have a date!! 23rd September is the date that Dave and Anna will become Mr and Mrs Married Couple!! After being engaged for nearly 2 years we at last set the date.  Now I feel like we can finally start planning everything (new diary has been purchased), mind you though it would be very typical of us to do everything in the last 2 months, you know we have 2 years to plan a wedding but leave everything to last minute, saying that we have booked the wedding venue already, maybe we are more organised than I give us credit for.

I have even ordered fabric swatches for my dress and of course the making can begin. We are determined to have a handmade, cosy wedding and all the decorations, most of other stuff will be crochet, knitted and made by hand in one way or another which I better start asap.

Uuuuu......I'm so unbelievably excited!! 

Anna x