Wednesday 25 June 2014

Strawberry Tea....

June to August are very exciting months, not only summer is in full swing, lots of concerts and outdoor exhibition, but also it's time for Strawberry Tea Party!!

Breast Cancer Care has teamed up with Royal Albert to create this fantastic event to raise much needed funds for Cancer Care. I wanted to do something to help, and the idea hit me like a tonne of bricks!! Strawberry….tea…party….summer…..strawberry plant! What else!
I wanted to design something to be the perfect decoration to your Strawberry Tea party. That can also be used all year around or raffled at one of the games played during the party.

I’ve chosen to crochet the plant, with some basic knitting on stems. I find crocheting a lot more forgiving and more free-style. Of course when it comes to yarn, only Rowan Cotton GlacĂ© would do as its fantastic mercerised cotton which is a dream to crochet with, not to mantion the incredible range of colours.
I wanted everyone to be able to make this plant so only used the basic of stitches: dc, tr, and so on. Simple shaping rather than fancy stitches. I have tried to make the instructions as simple as possible and from comments I received it appears that I have, which means a lot as I really want everyone to be able to make it.

The photos were taken at my partner Dave, aunt’s stunning garden and the lovely doggie you can see in the background is Red, Dave's Mum dog, who was a fantastic model :)

The pattern is available for free, but in turn please donate whatever you can to this very important cause. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Both women and men can be affected by it, Breast Cancer Care is committed to improving the treatment, support and care of people affected by breast cancer. Please donate whatever you can at:

The pattern is available to download from my website: and Breast Cancer Care websit: under 'Be crafty'.

The Breast cancer Care website provides huge range of information: checking your breasts, support to those affected, volunteering and of course you can also signed up to host Strawberry Tea party!!Check them out:

I’m planning Strawberry Tea already….can’t wait!!

Anna x