Sunday 23 March 2014

A bit of everything...

It has been a week of Country Living Fair. I never attended one of their fairs 
before and what a surprise! Just amazing! It was held in BDC in Highbury and
Islington, a very beautiful centre, very clean and well maintained.
Every stall was better than the other, you had kitch, vintage, crafty, French to
English kitchen all very, very country Darling…….. Totally worth a visit.

I was there with The Creative Sanctuary team and their lovely stall, selling kits by all their tutors (including me of course).

The best part for me was my crochet class; I thought 31 ladies and 1 gentleman to crochet a flower in 60 min! I never thought a class of this size in such a short amount of time and it was the most fantastic experience!  I had a microphone (felt a bit like Madonna, just a shame didn’t get any semi - naked dancers) I was also being filmed. I was so nervous that at first my hands couldn’t stop shaking but as soon as I got into the swing of things everything went swimmingly, my class went away with lovely little crocheted flowers and I even got applause at the end.

A pattern for one of my favourite corsages that I ever designed is in this month’s SimplyHomemade magazine (issue 41). I absolutely adore to accessorise and have created many items to add certain oomph to my outfits. You can wear the most boring dress but add a corsage or collar in a bright colour and the whole look is instantly lifted. This corsage is one of my best loved ones, as its big, bright and instant statement maker. The flower is crocheted in the lovey Rowan Kidsilk Haze (photo in Candy Girl sh.606) and leaf knitted (photo in Jelly sh.597). 

‘Angelite’ is finished!! It took me a while but I did it! The design is by Martin Storey from Truesilk Collection and is knitted using Rowan Truesilk. The yarn is brand new addition to Rowan’s yarn family and is 100% Mulberry Silk. It was just amazing to work with; quite slippery so wooden needles are a must. It was also prone to slight snags, which to be honest did not bother me at all as they were so slight and did not spoil the look of the garment.  
 I have knitted the jumper 5cm shorter than the pattern stated as I wanted it to sit better on my waist. Being a larger lady I must make the most of what featured I have and enhancing my waist just makes me look and feel better.

 I usually knit or crochet cropped or very long cardigans, shrugs, and shawls as those are what I look best in. I tend to stay away from jumpers as they never suited me, but I have to say that ‘Angelite’ is a very pleasant surprise and I’m very happy how she has turned out.  In light of my newly discovered love for jumpers next of my list is ‘Cove’ by Grace Melville from Rowan mag 55, I’ll change the yarn from recommended to Rowan Creative Linen and make the peplum more gathered. 

Anna x