Wednesday 19 November 2014

Let's make a pompom

About a week ago I have released the pattern for 'Cosy' hat, it's the first pattern from
3-pattern Cosy knits collection, chunky knits to keep you extra warm.

Modelled by my boyfriend Dave

The hat is quite brilliant! (If I may say so myself) it is unisex, men and women
can enjoy the warmth of 'Cosy'. It is a super quick knit; the hat can be knitted in an evening. It can be worn as a beanie (just fold the moss stitch border) or slouchy and it only takes one ball Rowan Big Wool, 80 meters/ 87 yards to be precise and you can decorate it with a pompom made out of any yarn.

Let’s talk more about the joys of making a pompom, as I’m sure we all love a good pompom?

 Whoever said that making a pompom is a chore! Let me show you the quick and easy
way of making one. No need for expensive gadgets or cutting out circles out of
cardboard (anyone remembers that from school?). All you need is your hand, yarn
and scissors. 

Start by wrapping your yarn around your palm as many times as you wish. The more
yarn the thicker the pompom. 

When you are happy with your thickness, remove carefully and place it on a 20cm length of yarn.

 Tie the piece of yarn tightly around the middle of your wrap yarn.

Cut the loops of wrapped yarn  

Trim the pompom so all strands are even.

And voila! Pompom made

Attach it to your hat and you are ready for whatever winter can throw at you.

Pattern for Cosy hat is available at:


Anna x