Wednesday 20 November 2013

'Autumn' mini collection.....

My 'Autumn' mini collection is here!! It consists of three designs; fingerless gloves 'Elm', shawl 'Laurel' and bag 'Cassia'. I've lovingly designed each item to represent autumn.

Autumn has always been my favorite season not only because it is my birth season and the air is fresh and crisp, but also by the stunning colours that nature produces. I wanted to capture the changing of the season in my design.  Each piece pays homage to autumn with leafy designs and colours that capture the seasons hue.

The collection took a lot longer to make and put together then I originally anticipated, purely because my partner Dave and I do everything. I design, knit the pieces and write the patterns while Dave puts it all together to look fab. Photographs are a joined effort I choose the settings and model (if you can call it that lol) and Dave takes the photos. Both of us are not professional photographers but we do what we can with the camera we've got. And of course we both have full time jobs so everything takes a lot longer.

 'Laurel' shawl

I'm soooo pleased with how it all come out, I really love every single design, especially 'Laurel' shawl with her simple body and burst of colour and lace at the bottom. 'Elm' gloves are just adorable with their leafy lace all over, they are super warm yet delicate. And of course 'Cassia' was a lot of fun to design and make, I love working with colour and always adored drawing charts. The inspirations for the bag came from cotton flower, not very autumny, but the colours are just perfect to represent autumn.

'Cassia' bag

'Elm' gloves
 Hope you enjoy knitting the pieces from my collection and love them as much as I do.

Anna x