Tuesday 30 October 2012

Amanda's Christmas giveaway.....

The lovely Amanda at Eight by Six gardening has very Christmassy giveaway.....well to give away. Visit her fantastic blog by clicking on the link, to see how you can enter :)


 The lovely giveaway......never too early to start Christmas craft :)

Thursday 18 October 2012

Knit and Stitch Show ......

What an amazing time it was at Alexandra Palace! Totally exhausting but so much fun, and I had a chance to meet some incredible people. I feel truly grateful to have had a chance to be a part of such a wonderful event.
I was working on the beautiful Rowan stand and had a chance to see the fantastic fashion show!! with the dancing models and beautiful garments it was a show to remember!!
It hard not to be inspired and sometimes speechless when you walk around the exhibition and see so much talent, passion and energy devoted to craft. Amazing exhibition and people.
My two favourite pieces were the knitted village which would be a dream place to live in !! And the Union Jack flag, made up of little squares in celebration of Wool Week! It is a very unique flag and the fact that i have knitted some of the squares just made it that little bit more special.....I felt i have contributed a little :)

The Union Jack :)

 Wonderful woolly village 
Some of the beautiful Rowan garments
The incredible Susie Johnson stand

Can't wait for next year :) 

Sunday 9 September 2012

New beginnings.....

As always after an amazing holiday I feel a little blahhh... it’s hard to face day to day normality, but saying that I do find myself having new boost of energy. I’m determined to achieve and finish things I have planned or putted off for later. I also decided to make a plan....which is a first for me, but hopefully it will help me stay on track and keep me motivated (well fingers cross, I will let you know)
So the here’s to my super duper plan and to my new found energy boost and may it last :) 

 Also, I wanna say huge thank you to the person who done this pavement graffiti near me, you have put the biggest smile on my face.....

this way for the happiness.........

                                                                       keep going......

                                                                   almost there....

                                                                    you are unique

Love it!! It just shows how very little is needed to brighten up someones day, thank you stranger:)

Saturday 21 July 2012

Little Rosie and her coat

I've stumbled upon this page http://www.facebook.com/MalibuRosie accidentally few weeks ago and my heart broke to think that someone can do such horrendous thing to poor innocent little creature. This pretty much covers both ends of the human attitude spectrum from the horrendous to the amazing...and at the centre of it is little Rosie. Who's transformation is nothing short of amazing, she is looking so much happier and healthier thanks to her amazing carer. I'm truly in awe of this incredible woman and what a fighter Rosie is.
I wanted to do something nice for little Rosie and decided to knit her a little jumper to keep her nice and warm and here's the progress........... 

.......the work has started 

........leg edging being knitted

......darning 'R' for Rosie..obviously :)

.......and voila! 

...all done and posted:) hope the little darling likes it xx

Wednesday 11 July 2012

The Woolly Bunch....

What a busy couple of weeks this has been....
Had a little, sweet, hooting-tooting all of my own market stall at Portobello Road! And I absolutely loved it!
What a fantastic vibe, the atmosphere in there is electric! Met so many extraordinary people. I really never expected for everyone to be so nice and helpful, you get a such an amazing feeling of being part of community, but the biggest thank you goes to Mr. Marek and Linda for feeding me all day with their homemade delicious burgers lol.
The best part at the end of the day was (apart from selling heaps of course) when me and Marcia (v good friend selling her handmade jewellery) were just sitting outside cafe drinking coffee while someone played some reggae on one of the stalls, the ambience was just amazing!!

Then of course was my wonderful Knitting Club and the naming ceremony. What a fun that was....... And now we are called......drum roll.....'The Woolly Bunch' which I think is rather fitting.

I adore my Woolly Bunch, such an amazing group of women. It's fantastic that such a varied bunch can gel so well, and there is nothing better than spending two hours just knitting and gossiping :)
Now that we have a spanking new name perhaps we can get involved in some charity project :)

Happy knitting xx

Saturday 7 July 2012

Hello :)

Hi to my first blog, I have been meaning to write a blog for ages. Unfortunately, creative writing does not come naturally to me, but with my swanky new website (thanks to my lovely boyfriend Dave) it seems like better time than any. And I do love the thought of sharing my ideas, projects and just generally every day stuff with you ………….the lovely people that visit my website. BTW welcome to Moochka! Hope you love it as much as I do and find everything you are looking for.
Ok………….let me start by saying a few things about myself and by few I mean 10:
1.       I am mad about knitting, crocheting and sewing I love creating and find inspiration everywhere. This website is truly a dream come true, my little piece of paradise.

2.       I LOVE cows! Hence the name of the website Moochka, which in Polish means: little, cute cow. This was also my nickname. I had a pet cow when I was little (my grandparents owned a farm) her name was Mikolaj (Santa Claus) and she was beautiful! Mikolaj miraculously disappeared about 2 years down the line………….well it was a working farm.
3.       I cry at everything even commercials which provide constant amusement to Dave. He thinks it’s hilarious when I pour my eyes out at a very moving movie trailer (and trust me, me crying is not a pretty sight). I pay him back for this in other ways.
4.       I came to London when I was 16, that was suppose to be only for a year………..17 years down the line I’m still here and still love London with all my heart
5.       I always wanted to live in a caravan, the old fashioned, wooden ones still sometimes used by Romany Gypsies. I always associated them with sense of freedom, go and stop wherever you please the world is your oyster…….but of course reality is quite different ………..I mean my yarn stash is larger than a caravan and I’m not exactly dainty, space would definitely be an issue.
6.       I was deaf and mute for a quite a while when I was little due to an accident , I basically went into shock , but now I have a very loud voice and talk a lot I think I’m trying to compensate for that.
7.       I love drama, whether it be mine or someone else’s , I love the excitement the shock s that come with it……..life would be very boring without a touch of drama.
8.       I’m perfectly capable of watching TV, reading a book and knitting at the same time and know exactly what is going on; basically I’m a professional multi-tasker.
9.       I talk to myself…………a lot and aloud and I have to say I have some of the best conversations
10.   I believe in quality and I am a bit of a yarn snob that is why I always use yarns made by Rowan (which are my favourite!) and Debbie Bliss.
Well that’s enough about me; don’t want to bore you senseless now.
Happy knitting :)