Sunday 4 January 2015

New chapters

Happy New Year!

I bid a very sad farewell to 2014, it's been a good year, it has been a mixture of the good and sad, thankfully the good outweighing the sad, lots of very exciting things have happened, the biggest ones being my crochet book, which will be published in May as well as giving a sweet little kitty a home. 

But as one chapter closes new one starts, and I'm waiting with pure excitement to see what 2015 will bring. I never make New Year resolutions as they are pointless to me, but I do make plans, more of what I would like to achieve in 2015, less of meaningless promises that don't last past the middle of January.
My plan is a bit like a shopping list, I can tick off things when done. I don't know why, but there's something very satisfying about a tick next to a completed task, makes you feel like you've achieved something and then you can have a cake to reward yourself, ah any excuse to have a cake.
Oh my, I do sound rather boring! But in my defense, I never used to make plans, I only started last year and I have to say it has been an immense help in keeping me focused, I have an attention span of a gerbil so my list in the diary is vital.

Another new chapter that is starting is my kitty Brick's new life.
Brick is just awesome! The most mischievous little monkey on the planet, but also the cuddliest one, he's so sweet you will forgive him everything, looking at his cute little face I just melt.

Brick is only 8 months old but had a very tough time in his very young life.
He's been rescued by an incredible lady who saw him being kicked then swung by his tail by a group of teenagers. She bravely intervened, but being in a tough personal position she was unable to keep him, so she took him to her local branch of MediVets where he got the most fantastic care and attention from all the amazing nurses. He was in the vets for around a week and a half without anyone coming forward to claim him, when my partner met him. Dave was installing new IT hardware there and little Brick kept coming over to say hello when a nurse said that he was being taken to the local cat rescue center, Dave didn't think twice and brought him home.

Our biggest worry was how Ollie would react to having to share his space. Ollie has been the king of the castle for a good few years and he is rather spoiled. Over the next few days we kept them apart, swapping them backwards and forwards into different rooms so they will get used to each-others smells. Eventually we introduced them and slowly a friendship was born. Ollie is a rather a lazy cat who likes nothing better than sleeping in a patch of sun while Brick is just a bundle of energy that climbs every shelf, cupboard, wardrobe in the house as well as finding Ollie fascinating. He follows him absolutely everywhere, which at first really annoyed Ollie, but now they do everything together, even groom each-other. 

I want to say the biggest thank you to the amazing lady who rescued little Brick and to all those fantastic nurses at MediVet. I'm forever grateful to you all.

And in case you wonder why the name Brick, it’s the name of the youngest child from the series ‘The Middle’which we just thought was a very cool name.

Anna x