Monday 31 August 2015

Green fingers

When I was a little girl my grandparents owned a working farm. With lots of animals, few hectares of land, orchard, few bee hives and gorgeous vegetable garden with small green houses for tomatoes and cucumbers. I was living in the city with my parents but during every school holiday I would spend with my grandparents on their farm. As a little girl I would round around and play with other kids from the village but as I was growing up I started to help out a lot more around the farm, especially with the harvest and animals. I would also very often plant vegetable seeds with my grandma and monitored the grow progress of whatever greenery we planted so taking all this into account you would be forgiven to think that I have green fingers, but alas it is not so! 

To my frustration no matter how much I try and plant vegetables or any other plants they never seem to reach their full potential, mind you, I'm growing them in large plant post, I think they call this urban gardening Ha!
The best example is my recent adventure into baby carrot growing. It all started so well. The seeds started to shoot on time, the growth was perfect, however I can't help thinking  my cat, Brick, trying to keep them warm somehow stunted their growth and after three months the harvest was rather disappointing.

I’ll keep trying with vegetables, might try my hand at radishes next, I heard that they are a lot easier
However, I do seem to have rather good fingers when it comes to orchids! They seem to be flourishing beautifully. 

They are truly the perfect plants for me as they require such low maintenance.
They all seem to be growing unusually well this year, but my white one has outdone herself completely! This orchid was given to me by Dave when we first started dating few years back and every year it flowers more and more, but this year she has flowered beyond expectations.

 Can't wait to see the flowers on this one, as it hasn't flowered for good few years. 
Really can't remember what colour it is.

Anna x