Thursday 17 July 2014


I have knitted this sweater last year, it was from Kim Hargreaves book ‘Spirit’. I have truly no idea why! It is a style of a garment that does not suite me, I would never buy a sweater like this and in fact I never had! So why spend time knitting it?? I do not know!! I’m not sure what exactly went through my head when I decided that making it would be a fab idea. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful jumper, very flattering, I’m sure, just not on my body time. I wore it once and then it went to live at the back of a wardrobe, destined to never see the light of day……but then I had an idea! (Well after a year has passed, my ideas take a long time)  What if I made it into a dress?? 

I bought 2 meters of lovely Rowan fabric on sale. The pattern on the fabric is of sweet pansies that reminds me of my Granma’s garden.

I wanted the sweater part to end at my waist, and as it was knitted bottom up, unravelling was not an option so I cut it! I measured at what point I wanted the sweater part to end. I turned the sweater up side down and picked up the right leg of the stitch (the right leg of the V) and cut the row directly underneath.

I needed the edge of the jumper to be a bit narrower so I decreased by: K2, K2tog, all around, then cast off. 

 The fabric part was very easy, I just hemmed it, join the two sides and gathered the top, pinned to the edge of the jumper and sewn on the sewing machine.

Hey presto!! I’ve got a new dress!! I will eventually re-knit the sleeves to be quarter length, but for now this will do.

Anna x


  1. What a lovely idea. It looks gorgeous.

  2. Thank you so much. The dress really came in useful :)