Thursday, 10 July 2014

Silver screen

I'm feeling slightly melancholy lately.  The past two months have been full of difficult decisions and changes, not sure if the changes and decisions I made are good yet, only time will tell. 

Changes are always difficult no matter how small they are. Everyone says that when one door closes other ones opens, which is true but it's still very hard to close the door behind you without feeling sad for the things that you are leaving. So before I go all soppy and start crying for the days gone by let me share with you some of my favourite pictures of silver screen stars that are long gone but doing the thing I love most......Knitting!! Let this be a kind of metaphor; things may change, eras pass, but some things will stay around forever.


Betty Davis

Katherine Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor

Audrey Hepburn
Doris Day
 Greer Garson

Lucile Watson

Ingrid Bergman getting little help form Alfred Hitchcock
Vivien Leigh

Merlin Monroe 

Vivian Leigh putting her husband, Laurence Olivier, to good use.

Ava Gardner

Judy Garland

And one more of Betty Davies as she is my favourite!

Anna xx

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