Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pet bed.....

I have become a bit cat mad, not surprising as Ollie is my first pet in 20 odd years. I never owned a cat and love his independence and his unashamed affection only when feeding is required.

The cat bed was an idea to give him his own little space, to do what cats do best...... sleep.

I crocheted it in Rowan Creative Focus Worsted in very vibrant red colour, a lovely yarn to crochet with. The inside cushion is made from furnishing fabric as it's lot stronger, very useful for sharp claws. The bed is quite easy and all levels of crocheters can do it. If you fancy making one yourself the patter is available in my Ravely store

The photos took ages to take as cats do not do what they are told! It took huge amount of treats and lots of persuasion to make Ollie perform, but perform he did.....eventually, and the photos look great! 



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