Sunday, 30 June 2013

Miss Marple............

Few month ago I was asked (through a recommendation of a lovely friend) to knit few props for new episode of Miss Marple, and as you can imagine I jumped at the chance!

the lists of things have slightly changed from the original, due to plot being altered, The final props requested were three sleeves at different stages of knitting, so Miss Marple could be shown knitting them as the episode went on. the yarn chosen was Rowan Pure Wool DK in lovely ox blood colour, I even used old steel number 9 knitting needles.

The sleeves as I was knitting them

I had to do some research, a part I have thoroughly enjoyed, a bit too much as I spend far too long on  it, even after I new exactly what size the sleeves will have to be I continued with my research.  The best part of it was a visit the the British Library to look at old knitting pattern books, which were just stunning!! So feminine and delicate.
Anyway; what my research has uncovered is that we have grown! which is not a big surprise as our food isn't rationed, we eat better. well in my case too much, exercise more (knitting is exercise, right?), have better understanding of nutrients, vitamins and get vaccinated all of these factors make us live longer or it could be just statical deception.
Our sizes have changed quite a bit as well, the smallest sizing for an average woman in 1950 standard sweater knitting pattern was 28 inches and now it's 32 inches, so we have expanded a lot but we also have a lot better and mostly happier lives.

So anyway, my sleeves have finally had the moment in the spotlight in ''Greenshawl's Folly'' episode and I can't really explain how amazing it felt to see my work on TV! I loved the fact that there was a story attached to them as Miss Marple was going to her knitting club 'which I never miss' - her words, then through the episode the longer pieces of knitting would make an appearance. I loved every minute of it! And really enjoyed the actual story in the episode.

The shortest sleeve being knitted by Miss Marple at her knitting Club

My favourite screen shot!
I'm still on cloud 9! But I do promise I will not mention Miss Marple for a while now.......well a short while:)


  1. Thanks Hun :) how's you? Xx

  2. Brilliant - I watched it and saw your sleeves. What next?

  3. Thank you! Who knows what's next..... But I hope it's as exciting as this :) xx

  4. I am delighted to find your post.
    I am hunting for a list of all the patterns knit by Miss Marple while on her adventures.
    Your post is the closest I've found.
    In one show (where she is knitting something in pink) in response to the question "what are you knitting", she names it and who it is for...
    I am thinking of starting a Facebook group, would you like to join and watch a show for the purpose to divining a knitting story?