Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter and woolen eggs..........

  • Well Spring seems to have abandoned us (obviously it's upset about something) but no reason not to enjoy Easter.......especially eating dangerously large amounts of Easter eggs :) 
    But if you can't eat chocolate, here are some lovey woolen eggs which you can knit to celebrate Easter and the beginning of spring (when it eventually decides to turn up) here's a pattern for yummy Easter Eggs.

    Yummy Easter Eggs

    1 x Rowan Wool Cotton 4ply
    3mm needles
    Toy stuffing

  • *M1- by knitting into front and back of stitch

    With 3mm needles cast on 4sts.
    Row 1: K1, M1, K1, M1 - 6sts
    Row 2: and every alt row: P to end
    Row 3: Inc in every st – 12sts
    Row 5: *K1, M1 rep from * to end
    Row 7: *K2, M1 rep from * to end
    Row 9: *K3, M1 rep from * to end
    Continue in st st for 15 rows ending with RS facing for next row.
    Row 16: *K3, K2tog rep from * to end
    Row 18: *K2, K2tog rep from * to end
    Row 20: *K1, K2tog rep from * to end
    Row 22: *K2tog rep from * to end – 6st left
    Cut the yarn, leaving enough yarn to join the egg. Thread the yarn through 6 st and stitch sides together, stuffing the egg before the opening gets too small.

                                                                    Happy Easter!!

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