Saturday, 21 July 2012

Little Rosie and her coat

I've stumbled upon this page accidentally few weeks ago and my heart broke to think that someone can do such horrendous thing to poor innocent little creature. This pretty much covers both ends of the human attitude spectrum from the horrendous to the amazing...and at the centre of it is little Rosie. Who's transformation is nothing short of amazing, she is looking so much happier and healthier thanks to her amazing carer. I'm truly in awe of this incredible woman and what a fighter Rosie is.
I wanted to do something nice for little Rosie and decided to knit her a little jumper to keep her nice and warm and here's the progress........... 

.......the work has started 

........leg edging being knitted

......darning 'R' for Rosie..obviously :)

.......and voila! 

...all done and posted:) hope the little darling likes it xx

1 comment:

  1. Oh. That broke my heart...

    Love the little jumper.

    Poor girl.